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About Doug Plus Rox Photography

Doug Plus Rox Photography loves to create beautiful images and share our enthusiasm and expertise with other photographers. Check out our blog for authoritative tutorials about photography, product reviews and posts about our latest photo shoots.

About Roxanne Sahlin

I started out as a Nikon shooter and got into wildlife and bird photography in a big way and landscapes, weddings and portraits to a lesser extent. At some point I decided that (for me!) Canon was the way to go to move to the next level in my birding photography. My first Canon was an EOS 40D and that served me well for quite some time. Then I met Doug and my life changed. He was a landscape photographer and he also ran around with these strange little Lensbaby lens¦ What on earth IS that strange looking lens???

I  enjoyed shooting landscapes before but his enthusiasm for his craft is contagious. Plus there was that point where he gave me my first Lensbaby. My first thought was what am I going to do with this thing?  But it WAS a gift and I had to make the effort to use it due to that.

Now I’m a Fuji shooter.Photographing landscapes with my standard lens and Lensbaby optics is my passion,  but I still chase birds and wildlife. I’ve found that there is great joy in shooting a wedding, chasing the light for a wonderful landscape or even sitting side by side in the digital darkroom to edit the day’s work when you are with someone that you love whose work you respect greatly.

In Memory of Roxanne Sahlin

My dear sweet Roxanne lost a valiant 28-month battle with cancer on August 27, 2016. She was my wife, my best friend and my creative partner. Rest in peace, Sweetheart.

About Doug Sahlin

MyDougI’ve been interested in photography since I was 12-years old. Over the years I’ve owned a wide variety of cameras. I came kicking and screaming into the digital era when my beloved telephoto lens for my Minolta film camera died. Since then, I’ve embraced the technology. I’ve photographed weddings and events professionally, but my passion is landscape photography. I enjoy viewed the wonders of nature through the lens of my camera and capturing images to remember the places I’ve been. I’ve also embraced Photoshop and Lightroom. With my digital darkroom, I can bring out the best in my images and create wall art.

In 2009 I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady named Roxanne who shares my passion for photography. Now we’re an inseparable duo who can frequently be found wandering about with cameras in hand on a mission to capture the beauty of the world in which we live. I consider myself blessed. Life is good.

When I’m not taking pictures, I write books about digital photography. I’ve written several best-selling books about digital photography

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