Recently Roxanne and I have been on photo shoots where we’ve carried two camera and a plethora of lenses. As a rule I avoid carrying gobs of gear like I avoid Limburger cheese and anchovies. That is until I started using a LowePro ProRunner 300AW. This is one camera bag in which you can carry the kitchen sink and then some.

I’ve used a lot of Lowepro bags and have always been impressed by the quality of materials they use and the construction of their products. The Pro Runner continues this tradition. You can fit a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached plus 4 or 5 lens, flash units and personal items. The main compartment of the bag has dividers with Velcro attachments that you can move to change the configuration of the bag to suit your needs.  There are two pockets for memory cards and a flat zippered compartment that will hold manuals and cables. The front compartment of the bag is ideal for personal items like a mobile phone, pens, keys and a notepad. It’s also big enough to hold an iPad or a lightweight jacket. At the bottom of the bag you’ll find a pull out pocket for your tripod. The strap that secures the main compartment of the bag also functions as a strap for the top of your tripod. The bag also has loops you can use to attach Lowepro’s Slip Lock accessories. There’s another compartment for a rain cover to keep your gear bone dry in case of a rainstorm. The side of the bag has mesh pockets big enough to carry water bottles. Considering the amount of gear the bag can hold, it’s pretty compact. It conforms to current airline carry on baggage regulations.

The thing that impresses me most about this bag is the comfort. The shoulder straps are padded and very comfortable even when the bag is fully loaded. The back of the bag is thickly padded mesh, which provides air circulation to wick away moisture. An adjustable chest strap and waistband distribute the load nicely. The bag has a rugged handle on the top, which is convenient when you need to lift the bag into a vehicle or carry it for a short distance.  Getting to your gear is easy, just unbuckle the waistband and shoulder straps and slip the bag off your back.


This is the most comfortable large camera bag I’ve ever used. It swallows an impressive amount of gear and is extremely comfortable even when hiking long distances fully loaded. I give the bag a 5-star rating. Lowepro has larger bags in the Pro Runner series that have a laptop sleeve. For more information about the Lowe Pro 300 AW, click here: Lowepro Pro Runner 300 AW

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